Almost as much fun as watching a Bug Zapper get Mosquitoes

I have been signing clients up for a new spam filter that has led me to completely abandon every other spam filtering system on the market.

I’ve been using Spamstopshere now for about a year, and have signed up 5-6 clients with about 100 mailboxes on the system.  I’ve been able to watch tens of thousands of messages go through the system (no, I’ve not been able to see the messages, just the numbers – I can barely get through my own email folks!)

But the stats are telling.  This system, once set up properly, filters over 85% of the spam coming through the network without any substantial adjustments.  With a few tweaks, it can approach 95%.  For, I am currently at 96.3% spam reduced, and though I have done a very careful job building my white list (allowed senders) I don’t know of any lost emails.

In each setup, I asked my clients to send over a vendor domain name list.  We set up a google spreadsheet for them to pass around and folks put in the email addresses of vendors and other important associates.  I then used that to quickly create a whitelist to load into spam stops here as I adjusted their DNS and so on.  I am doing the setup for folks because it’s a little intimidating to do DNS changes for many – and I just charge an hour’s billing and get done with it.  It works out fine.

Silly-True Stats Example:

I’ve used at least 10 other spam filters over the past 2-3 years.  They all rely on global blacklists or challenge-response systems, and grab and kill a fair amount of “obvious spam” – but each have just enough annoyance (for either the recipient or the sender) to make them still have substantial impact on one’s day.

SpamStopsHere has no such negative impact.  I actually went through a little bit of a withdrawal period where I was going into my Qurb (another spam solution) folder to look for good messages and so on, but spam simply stopped. I have now uninstalled Qurb, and am guessing, earned back around 15-20 minutes per day.  It almost feels like something is broken when you’re not getting spam anymore.  Don’t worry – you get used to it.

This more than makes up for the quite reasonable costs of SpamStopsHere.  While some will grumble over the $19 and up per month fees, they need to look at this from the point of view of lost productivity in their office over the course of the entire month.  Yes, your ISP provides spam filters, but they are usually based on open-source systems that do not have the incredible URL/phone number filtering that SpamStopsHere has.  This is a unique filter that is what catches the majority of the spam that comes through all of my clients’ boxes.

And one other thing – I’m not a reseller and I have no financial interest in this program.