Benefits of Blogging for Business

Blogging shows no signs of slowdown in its effectiveness in digital marketing

In Brief:

  • Combined with social media sharing, blogging is a potent engagement vehicle.
  • Quality and usefulness of content has always mattered.
  • Outsourcing content writing is a difficult thing to do well – your experts need to be writing them.
  • Q&A Posts are among the most powerful types of blog posts.

Blogs Are Still Amazing for Marketing Even After All These Years.

  • They are easy to use, and encourage regular updates which are critical to website success.
  • They encourage conversations via RSS subscriptions, commenting, and trackbacks.
  • They encourage relationships via commenting and blogroll participation.
  • Search engines index blogs fast, so you can get information out quickly.
  • They are terrific for reputation management. If someone blogs negatively about you, you can “trackback” the problem blog over to your own, where your voice is loudest.
  • They are a great creative outlet.
  • They encourage brainstorming and stimulate thoughts.
  • There are extensive plug-ins available that take much of the work out of the activity.
  • They build contacts as conferences and meetings approach. People tend to search for “xyz conference” in the weeks that approach, and if you blog about that you’ll be on their radar.
  • It encourages authentic language rather than market speak, so people tend to trust what’s in blogs more. If done well, a blog can become the most important word-of-mouth tool in a company arsenal.

Spread your blogging energy between on-site posts and guest posts. Co-marketing posts with vendors and customers can also increase your audience size while benefiting your organic SEO.

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