Portfolio-Driven Web Designers – Hand Over the SEM Keys Please

While every web professional has skills that matter, I am pretty sure that SEM is the most important single skill needed to grow a web business – and it is a specialty that you must focus on. I thought Mark Jackson’s two articles from the past week or so were absolutely brilliant in this vein, and wanted to call attention to them.

Social Media Club Louisville Videos

This was a lot of fun this week, and I was thrilled to be chatting (yelling – the bar was a bit noisy) with folks about blogging, social media and search at Social Media Club Louisville. This group was especially (and refreshingly) straightforward about what works – no bull. It gets tiresome hearing blog-cheerleaders go…

RSS, Meet Television

With the release of Samsung’s RSS-enabled televisions at CES, new thoughts emerge about how the RSS standard, overlayed on the HDTV space could change the way we watch TV and surf the web. Could this mechanism be the saving grace for advertisers wanting to reach the dwindling audience with relevant, custom-tuned screen overlays that learn as you use them?