Drumming Up Business, SenseWeb style.

click to zoom I was toying with some ideas related to the sensing internet, and thought of a customizable wall-mounted device for small businesses. This little device would be given away to the merchants. They would be custom configuered with 20-30 specials that the merchant agrees to – like a set of coupon templates they…

Windows Live Local Goes for a Ride

Microsoft’s new Live Local Preview lets you drive around downtown Seattle in a virtual race car looking at buildings, businesses and more. Check it out.

Using digital photographs of the area, combined with Areal views, you can look at building fronts. Right down to the signs on their doors.

Fly-Through Local Ads Next?

Hotstop is a map site with subway and bus directions in New York, Boston and Washington DC, but it brings some innovation to the table that pushes forward the public transportation and local advertising paradigm a few notches. First, Hotstop gives you transfer information for public transit that you can put on your mobile phone,…