Kentucky Brain Drain Not Solvable With Old-School Ideas

Today the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce released the “New Agenda” list today: “100 of the most compelling suggestions to share with the state and its elected leaders. The selections were made based on viability, financial feasibility, the time needed to implement, innovation and vision, and impact.” I’m wondering where the Creative Class fits into it all, and if anyone has thought about how important that is.

Who’s Your Site For, Anyway?

Bill Dotson called out a great article about professional service firms. It’s spot on about how such firms approach their website. They want the partners in the firm to like it – after all, partners agree on the marketing budget, so why not get them involved in the design? Surely someone who works day-in and…

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

MSNBC/BusinessWeek recently published Gene Marks’ Tech ‘Solutions’ Your Small Biz Can’t Use where he seems to dismiss “all things internet” and debunks “highfalutin software and gadgets aim to help you run your company.” The comments shred the article, and are very interesting to read.

Marketing and Recession – Why an Economic Soft Spell Can Be Your Chance to Accelerate Your Brand and Marketing

There is plenty of buzz out there about how the economy is slowing. Companies will begin pulling back on expenses and unfortunately cut on staff, too, if it gets worse. But smart companies know that there is no better time to surge forward and leave competition wondering what happened. Social marketing, with authentic messages, is the most important recession-time…