PF Changs’ System A Free Lesson for Mom and Pop Restaurants

You know, sometimes business secrets don’t require much effort to find. The fruits of dozens of locations, millions of dollars in training development, and years of experience can focus on a single experience that’s presented right in front of you to observe. You don’t have to copy any one system, but you need a system, with rewards and consequences for your staff. PF Changs’ Chinese Bistro is one such example of a system that makes a place remarkable that all restaurateurs should take note of.

SEO Spam Deconstructed

It would seem ludicrous to even consider SEO services that send garbage SPAM, but amazingly I talk to people at least once per week who have “gave them a shot” because it “surely can’t hurt anything.” In fact, it can hurt a LOT of things. Here’s a deconstruction of the spam itself.